rub (1)Yet another entertaining song from Rudebone. Rubbish tends to bring out the beauty of commercial music as well as focusing on Afro-beat where the beat and rhythm alone would keep you dancing to your best ability. The song tells a story of Rudebone visiting a friend who advised him to improvise without writing any lyrics, just to sing rubbish…And so he did. He picks up the mic and comingles lyrics of songs he has in his head and ends up with rubbish… lol.

The beat was produced by Beedee and song was mixed and mastered by Kunsept (cloud 9 studio). The video was shot in Glasgow, United Kingdom, directed by Justice John with special appearance by Takada-Duo and Mixed Root Dancers. Quite creative i must say…. He re-creates similar scenes to depict the visuals of the kra krum kam of the bermuda triangle and la-la-laa-laa-la….Hey, hope you are not reading this rubbish, just relax and enjoy and share the rubbish song and video…#NoMaLeVo



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