Bob-Dave a.k.a World Triggar ManPeter Elabor popularly known as T. Ben is one of Nigeria’s most promising acts. Multi-talented in areas like Acting, Modeling, Cinematography and so on you can say he is an interesting person. Last out of a family of 3 boys originating from Edo State; T Ben was Born in Kaduna but now Based in Abuja/Los Angeles. He has Stared in big movies like “Last Flight To Abuja”, “Black November”, “Bride’s War”, “Dream Walker” and many more. He’s a Cool and easy going guy, and we had the opportunity to meet him recently in Abuja, here’s what he has to say…



super starzQ) Can we meet you?
A) Sure,  I’m Peter Elabor A.K.A T.Ben


Q) When did you start acting?
A) I started acting in 2005


Q) Why acting?
A) I feel thats my calling cos im good at it.


Q) When in your opinion would you say you had your big break?
A) when I stared in the movie “BLACK NOVEMBER” directed by Jeta Amata



Q) Tell us how you felt when you found yourself in the midst of nollywood stars ?
A) i wasn’t really surprised coz I knew my self from the start


Q) Who is your mentor?
A) Johnny Deep


Q) What Projects are you working on presently?
A) Well i and my team are working on a new movie Titled “Road To Redemption”, a
movie that promises to be fantastic and we are collaborating with Hollywood
producers/stars like Hakeem(pirate of the Caribbean). We’ll be shooting this
movie in Lagos(Nigeria) and Los Angeles(USA)



Q) Wow… That’s a big one. So besides acting, what else do you do?
A) im into cinematography,Modelling and im also a catwork instructor


Q) One thing you are addicted to?
A) My Job


Q) Any Hobbies?
A) Swimming


IMG_0142Q) Favorite designer?

A) Dakova


Q) Word of advice to upcoming actors?
A) Just be your self , live your life to the fullest and stay focused


Q) One more thing who’s the lucky girl *wink*?
A) Well for now, im still single *smiles*





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