Dammy Krane Claims Davido Stole Skelewu Dance Now Dammy Krane Steals Chinkuzzy Dance (Open Message From RudeBone)

RUDEBONE 3Sometime last year Dammy Krane accused Davido of taking his dance step without permission and now on his most recent video “Sabi Dance” we see him taking “Chinkuzzy Dance” from another artist(rudebone) without his permission. Could this be a coincidence??? Well… fast rising Star RudeBone A.K.A Chinkuzzy master obviously did not see it as a coincidence and decided to drop an open message to Dammy Krane…. he said…


Dammy Krane, last year you claimed Davido stole your dance (Skelewu) , now you are dancing my signature Chinkuzzy dance in your new video ‘Sabi Dance’ 2 mins 54 seconds (2:54) .  If you attempt to claim my own dance, I will sue you for theft of intellectual property.
                                                                     Rudebone   4-3-2014 “


lol…Dammy Krane Be Warned

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