Dammy Krane Claims Davido Stole Skelewu Dance Now Dammy Krane Steals Chinkuzzy Dance (Open Message From RudeBone)

RUDEBONE 3Sometime last year Dammy Krane accused Davido of taking his dance step without permission and now on his most recent video “Sabi Dance” we see him taking “Chinkuzzy Dance” from another artist(rudebone) without his permission. Could this be a coincidence??? Well… fast rising Star RudeBone A.K.A Chinkuzzy master obviously did not see it as a coincidence and decided to drop an open message to Dammy Krane…. he said…


Dammy Krane, last year you claimed Davido stole your dance (Skelewu) , now you are dancing my signature Chinkuzzy dance in your new video ‘Sabi Dance’ 2 mins 54 seconds (2:54) .  If you attempt to claim my own dance, I will sue you for theft of intellectual property.
                                                                     Rudebone   4-3-2014 “


lol…Dammy Krane Be Warned

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rub (1)Yet another entertaining song from Rudebone. Rubbish tends to bring out the beauty of commercial music as well as focusing on Afro-beat where the beat and rhythm alone would keep you dancing to your best ability. The song tells a story of Rudebone visiting a friend who advised him to improvise without writing any lyrics, just to sing rubbish…And so he did. He picks up the mic and comingles lyrics of songs he has in his head and ends up with rubbish… lol.

The beat was produced by Beedee and song was mixed and mastered by Kunsept (cloud 9 studio). The video was shot in Glasgow, United Kingdom, directed by Justice John with special appearance by Takada-Duo and Mixed Root Dancers. Quite creative i must say…. He re-creates similar scenes to depict the visuals of the kra krum kam of the bermuda triangle and la-la-laa-laa-la….Hey, hope you are not reading this rubbish, just relax and enjoy and share the rubbish song and video…#NoMaLeVo



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mandela.. Indeed a true legend of Africa has left us, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela who was the first black South African President has passed on. Nelson Mandela was the forerunner for civil rights and equality for Blacks during the period of apartheid under the Presidency that was headed by General Louis Botha of the South African National Party. They basically supported and championed segregation of the two separate race. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela who was lawyer and a human rights activist battled the apartheid. In 1962 he was arrested, convicted of conspiracy to overthrow the government, and sentenced to life imprisonment but an international campaign lobbied for his release, which was granted in 1990. In 1994 he went on to become the first black president in south African history where he ruled for 5 years. He passed on at about 20:50 yesterday 5th december after a 3 month battle with lung infection.He was 95 years old. Check out series of videos about his early life, biography, legacy and the official announcement of his passing on by president Zuma of South Africa… Watch and celebrate the passing on of a true legend…#NoMaLeVo



His early life…


His Life Story…


His Legacy…


Announcement Of His Passing On…

Naeto C – Finish Work (Prod. E KELLY) [AUDIO + VIDEO]

Naeto-C-Finish-Work-ArtThe White Kaftan Gang frontman Naeto C A.K.A Super C, releases the video for his latest single “Finish Work which he released back in September.A great tune and a great video to go with it. This video was shot by Clarence Peters, i guess you know what to expect when you hear that name, check it out below… Download , Listen and Enjoy…#NoMaLeVo



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Kida Kudz – Le Boo [AUDIO + VIDEO]

leeboo-coverKida Kudz is a UK based Nigerian rapper, young and talented. He has been in the game for a while but i guess the fact that he is still in school affects the rate at which he surfaces in the game. He is currently studying media production after completing his degree in music technology. But in any case he’s got the talent already. Check him out on this commercial hiphop song titled “Le Boo”, this song talks about industry groupies. Also check out the video below too…Download Listen And Enjoy…#NoMaLeVo





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Pucado – IMPOSTER ft. Kamar [AUDIO + VIDEO]

imposterNo doubt, Pucado is on fire this season, dropping hits upon hits, thanks to his very supportive team Aristokrat Records. Here’s a new single titled “Imposter” featuring another upcoming aristokrat records artist Kamar, produced by Leriq. This song comes with a great video directed by the great Clarence A. Peters. Check it out below…Leave your comments…#NoMaLeVo







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Dammy Krane – Sabi Dance [VIDEO Tutorial + AUDIO Snippet]

Dammy Krane releases a snippet for his single titled “Sabi Dance” together with a dance tutorial video.

With alot of similarities to the Davido Skelewu Dance you would be forced to think he is stealing Davido’s Steps. But alot of people will recall Dammy Krane doing this same steps way before davido…

Dammy Krane also throws this video out to people that would like to appear in the official video. If you are interested, record a video of your “sabi dance” moves and send it to isabidance@gmail.com . Check out the video and audio…#NoMaLeVo



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Eedris Abdulkareem – Fela Ft. Femi Kuti [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

This song was released sometime in June together with two other singles, “New Edo” and “Shekere ft. Vector” and now the video is out. Check out the official video of Eedris Abdulkareem’s tribute song to Fela Anikulapo Kuti. This song is titled “Fela” Ft. Femi Kuti directed by  Director Frames… Download Listen And Enjoy…#NoMaLeVo

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You can also download the audio version of this song  Here


SKD – If No Be You [AUDIO + VIDEO]

$KD - Title- If No Be You

SKD for “Sound Knockdown” is a UK based Nigerian rapper who picked interest in music quite early while back in Nigeria but rose to prominence in 2011, when his song “Hold On To Your Dreams” hit across Europe. He is back with a great single and a nice video titled “If No Be You”…  Download Watch And Enjoy#NoMaLeVo






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